Listen to Our Clients

3M — “This was my first experience in working with a person of your profession and talent for drawing attention to our products. I was unsure of how the link to the products line would be made and the effect on our audience. I quickly found that the response was very positive, and I was certainly satisfied. Yet, I was most impressed with two aspects of your presentation. First, the expression of your personality during the presentations made our potential customers comfortable in our midst. They genuinely enjoyed themselves and were receptive to our messages. You set the tone for the show and fit right in with our sales representatives. Second, your ability to weave our company’s message into your act was excellent. The messages were clear without being overly commercial or obtrusive. This is obviously a balancing act at which you are very adept.”

Andrew Corp. –“Your imaginative use of magic combined with your unabashed enthusiasm for the project proved absolutely essential in creating this presentation. I can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile in meetings, phone calls, and all the nagging details that are critical in such presentations.”

Bard Access Systems — “With your magical presentations, we were able to increase our presence at the show and triple our leads from the previous year. I am still hearing rave reviews of the magic you performed and the audience that you were able to draw to the booth. You made a “believer” out of our group.”

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Brand Energy — “Both our staff and customers were quite amazed by your magical talents. Even more impressive was the way you deftly wove the complex array of Brand’s industrial and environmental services into every illusion. In was not unusual for a guest to remark how well you incorporated our company’s messages into your presentation.”

Carolina Biological Supply Co. — “On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate you 110. You delivered our corporate message with overwhelming success and ease. Our competition is now forced to develop a new marketing strategy.”

EFD — “EFD earned more trade show leads at this event than in any previous EFD trade show exhibit. With your assistance, were we able to increase qualified leads 135%, while convention traffic was up only about 25%.”

Exxon — “Just a short note to say thanks for the professional presentation spiced with “magic’ that you have done for us over the past several years. Some of our customers tell me they are using you for their annual meetings and I have only heard rave reviews. You just get better and better and we appreciate having you as a team member, if only for a few days each year.”

Forum Corp. — “You were the key to drawing in, engaging and informing both former clients and new prospects. You maintained fabulous enthusiasm for each and every presentation, never failing to create the biggest crowds around the Forum booth. You helped put even the most apprehensive among our senior management at ease with your professional delivery of the Forum message. And, you required a very small investment of my time to get you up to speed on our products and services, which is a huge advantage to a busy marketing department.”

KPMG — “You really opened doors for us. Your presentations gave us opportunities with our clients that we didn’t have before. I’ve only heard the very best comments.”

Janssen — “Your ability to deliver our product messages in a professional yet entertaining manner at 18 national conventions has consistently drawn admiring crowds. In fact, by the end of the first day of your presentations, attendees can be heard telling their colleagues, “You have to go over to the Janssen booth!” Most return to the booth several times to see you perform and hear about our product benefits. ”

Ogilvy — “Despite the short window of prep time, your script was concise and right on strategy. What’s more, we were impressed that you came back to us with ideas to add to the “Magic Kit” contents. Talk about value-added! We look forward to working with you on other projects.”
Ortho Pharmaceutical — “Your sleight of hand technique and personal charisma really made our exhibit a smash hit at both meetings. I still can’t get over the crowds of 40+.”

Pitney Bowes — “We had more traffic in our booth this year that any of the previous three years I have worked this show. The feedback on your performance from our customers, staff and even non-solicited remarks from the trade show attendees has been tremendous. We also appreciate the very professional job you did as Master of Ceremonies during our customer event a the Hotel Del Coronado. In a spontaneous situation, you were very quick on your feet, and a most gracious host to our top clients and prospects.”

Sanofi Aventis — “In one word FANTASTIC! Your ability to attract and maintain an interested group of urologists and professional staff was commendable. However, your expertise and professional incorporation of both corporate and product messages into your program was exactly what we were looking for.”

Suburban Propane — “Your presentation at our strategic planning meeting dinner event was the exclamation point to the issues that were discussed at our meeting. You met our expectations. In fact, it matched one of our company messages, ‘Beyond Expectations…and More.’ ”

UCB Pharma — “The leads generated from the exhibit were double that of last year’s. Your professionalism and positive attitude on the show floor is definitely an asset to UCB Pharma and our product line.”

Charles Greene III Corporate Magician
Based in Washington DC
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